RE: How to make a PowerPoint presentation interactive with hyperlinks?

I want to make my PowerPoint presentation interactive and easy to navigate using hyperlinks. Can anyone guide me on how this can be done?

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Creating an interactive PowerPoint presentation using hyperlinks involves a series of steps that can help in embedding links to slides, websites, or even files. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this: 1. **Inserting a Hyperlink to a Slide:** For this, choose the text, image, shape, or icon you want to serve as a button and click on it. - Go to the 'Insert' tab in the Ribbon Menu and click on 'Hyperlink' (or you can right-click and select 'Hyperlink'). - A dialog box will appear, on the left side panel, under 'Link to', select 'Place in This Document'. - Here you can select the slide to which you want to create a link. Once done, click 'OK'. 2. **Linking to a Website or External File:** If you want to link to an external website or file, start with the same steps above, choose the element and click on 'Hyperlink'. - Instead of 'Place in This Document', select 'Existing File or Web Page'. - Type or paste the URL in the 'Address' field for a website OR browse and select the file for linking an external file. 3. **Creating a Return or Back Button:** This is useful for navigating back to the main menu or ‘home’ slide. - Choose or create the back button on the slide to which you’ve hyperlinked. - Click 'Insert', then 'Action'. - In the 'Action on Click' panel, choose 'Hyperlink to' and from the dropdown box, select 'Last Slide Viewed'. Click 'OK'. 4. **Navigational Buttons:** You can create next, previous, home or end buttons to improve user navigation. - Choose or create the navigation button on the slide. - Click 'Insert', then 'Action'. - In the 'Action on Click' panel, choose 'Hyperlink to' and from the dropdown menu, select 'Next Slide', 'Previous Slide', 'First Slide', or 'Last Slide' as required. Click 'OK'. 5. **Action Buttons:** PowerPoint also has pre-designed buttons for common actions like Home, Help, Information, etc. - Go to the 'Insert' tab and select 'Shapes'. - Scroll down and select an action button. Draw it on your slide. - When released, an 'Action Settings' dialog box will appear automatically. Choose your desired action and click 'OK'. 6. **Using Hyperlinks with Slide Show 'Zoom':** The 'Zoom' feature offers a more creative, visually appealing way to create interactive presentations. - Under 'Insert', there's an option for 'Zoom' where you can select 'Slide Zoom', 'Section Zoom', or 'Summary Zoom'. Use these as needed to create an interactive, non-linear presentation structure. Do remember that too many interactive elements might end up confusing the user, so be careful to keep the interface simple and intuitive. Lastly, always test your hyperlinks to make sure they work as expected before your presentation. Presentations should also be carefully saved and ideally stored in the same location as any linked files to prevent broken links. Remember, the goal of an interactive PowerPoint is not only to be visually engaging, but to also provide easy and logical navigation for the viewer. Good luck!
Answered on August 25, 2023.
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