RE: How to efficiently manage resources in StarCraft (1998)?

I'm having trouble managing my resources and maintaining a strong army at the same time. Do you have any tips on how to optimize resource management in StarCraft (1998)?

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Managing resources wisely in StarCraft (1998) is a vital part of gameplay, and it requires a balance between expanding your economy, building an army, and investing in technologies. Here are some tips for efficient management: 1. **Constant Worker Production:** Throughout most of the game, you should never stop producing workers (SCVs, drones, or probes depending on your race). A strong economy is the foundation for a powerful army. 2. **Expand Quickly:** Typically, you should aim to have three bases running as soon as possible - but don't overextend. Only build as many bases as you can defend. 3. **Hotkeys:** Hotkeys are critical for managing your bases quickly and efficiently. Assign your Command Centers/Hatcheries/Nexus to a hotkey so that you can easily switch between them for worker production and upgrades. 4. **Effective Resource Spending:** As a rule of thumb, your resources should not pile up. If you have a surplus of mineral/vespene gas then you're not spending resources efficiently, so build units, structures, or work on upgrades. Finding a balance between army size and technological advancement can be a challenge initially but is worth mastering. 5. **Scouting:** Gathering intel on your opponent's economy and unit composition can effectively help you allocate resources. If your opponent is building anti-air units, for example, it wouldn’t be efficient to spend resources building air units. 6. **Maintain Your Supply Chain:** Always ensure you have enough supply depots, overlords or pylons ahead of your unit production to avoid being "supply blocked," which will hinder your ability to produce new units. 7. **Unit Composition:** Instead of just massing one type of unit, make sure to have a mix of units to counter enemy forces efficiently. Different units cost different amounts, so keep that in mind. Remember, StarCraft is a game of efficiency and strategy. You often need to make decisions based on the situation, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' strategy. So, keep practicing and learning from your past games, observe what top players are doing and adapt your management strategy accordingly. Practice makes perfect!
Answered on September 12, 2023.
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