RE: How to delete a branch both locally and remotely in git?

After completing my work on a branch in Git, I want to delete it both locally and remotely. How can I achieve this?

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To delete a branch both locally and remotely in Git, you follow these steps: Firstly, you'll want to delete the local branch. To do that, use the `-d` flag (short for --delete). In your terminal, input: ```bash git branch -d branch_name ``` Replace "branch_name" with the name of your specific branch. This command will delete it if it has been fully merged with its upstream branch. If you get an error saying the branch is not fully merged and you are certain you want to delete it anyway, use `-D` flag instead: ```bash git branch -D branch_name ``` Secondly, to delete the branch on the remote, use: ```bash git push origin --delete branch_name ``` The `--delete` flag instructs Git to remove the remote branch. "origin" is a typical name for your remote repository, replace it with your remote's name if different. Finally, to confirm deletion, you can use the command: ```bash git fetch --all --prune ``` The `--all` flag updates all remotes, and the `--prune` option removes any remote tracking branches which no longer exist on the remote. You can also check with `git branch -a` which will list all branches. Remember to always ensure you have merged any changes you want to keep before deleting a branch.
Answered on July 17, 2023.
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