RE: How is Joey related to the rest of the friends in “Friends” (1994)?

I've recently started to watch "Friends" (1994), I'm curious about how Joey Tribbiani is related to the rest of the gang. Can someone explain?

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Joey Tribbiani, one of the main characters in the much-beloved show "Friends" (1994), doesn't have a familial relationship with the rest of the characters. However, he does have strong, established friendships with them, growing over the course of the series. Here's a brief rundown of his relationships with the other characters: 1. Chandler Bing: Joey and Chandler are roommates at the start of the series. Chandler was looking for a roomie and Joey answered the ad, leading to one of the most iconic friendships in television history. They share a strong bond and have many classic comedic moments together. 2. Ross Geller: Joey's relationship with Ross starts via Ross's sister Monica and Chandler. Joey and Ross become really good friends eventually. In later seasons, Ross moves in with Joey and Chandler temporarily. 3. Monica Geller: Monica is Chandler's love interest and later, wife. Joey often spends time at Monica's apartment (because she always has food). They share a casual and friendly bond. 4. Rachel Green: Rachel's relationship with Joey starts through Monica, her BFF from high school. Initially, Joey has a crush on Rachel, and later in the series, they even date briefly. Nevertheless, their friendship remains strong. 5. Phoebe Buffay: Phoebe and Joey share a quirky, fun dynamic, often understanding each other's irregularities. Phoebe is the one who sets Joey up with his agent, and they're often seen supporting and caring for each other in unconventional ways. Importantly, these relationships grow and evolve over the course of the series, giving depth and charm to the character of Joey Tribbiani. Despite not being related by blood, the bonds he shares with these characters are family-like, filled with care, respect, and mutual support.
Answered on September 3, 2023.
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