RE: How does the Breaking Bad finale wrap up all the major character arcs?

I’ve just completed Breaking Bad and I would like to know how the finale concluded all the major character arcs. Can anyone provide a detailed explanation?

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The "Breaking Bad" finale, "Felina," provides closure to all the primary character arcs in a way that remains consistent with each character’s journey throughout the show. Here's a summary of how it wraps up the story for the main characters: 1. **Walter White**: Walter White, aka Heisenberg, is the protagonist whose character arc forms the backbone of the series. Starting as a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer, who turned to cooking meth to secure his family's financial future, he spirals into becoming a ruthless, feared drug lord over the course of the series. In the finale, Walter admits to Skyler that he did it all for himself because he liked it and was good at it, removing any illusions about his motivations. Walter frees Jesse, kills Lydia and the Nazi crew, and confounds the police one last time. He dies in a meth lab from a gunshot wound, surrounded by chemistry equipment, signifying his passion for science and his drug empire that defined his last years. 2. **Jesse Pinkman**: Jesse begins the series as a small-time meth cook and dealer who becomes Walt's partner in crime. Jesse's journey sees him losing everyone he loves (Jane and Andrea) directly or indirectly due to his meth business involvement. By the end, he is a broken man, forced to cook meth as a slave for Jack's gang. In the finale, Walt rescues Jesse who, after a moment of hesitation, leaves Walt behind and drives to freedom, going from a lost young man to a person who gets a second chance at life. 3. **Skyler White**: Skyler starts off as a protective mother and wife who is initially completely ignorant of her husband's criminal activities. Her transformation begins once she learns about Walt's operations and gets involved, often trying to mitigate Walt's damage. Skyler's arc concludes with her receiving full information about Walt's illicit activities and getting some closure. Walt hands her the lottery ticket with the coordinates of Hank and Steve's desert burial site, which she can use as leverage with prosecutors. She also finally gets the truth from Walt about his motivations. 4. **Walter White Jr.**: Flynn's character arc is less drastic compared to others. He begins the series as a typical teenager and ends it as a betrayed young man who understands the depth of his father's criminality, rejecting Walt in disgust. 5. **Hank Schrader & Marie Schrader**: Prior to the finale, Hank, a dedicated DEA officer and Walt's brother-in-law, is killed by Jack's gang after he uncovers Walt's meth operation. Hank dies true to his character - a lawman dedicated to his job. Marie, shattered by Hank's death, is seen in grief in the finale. 6. **Lydia Rodarte-Quayle**: Lydia is a high-level executive at Madrigal Electromotive who works with Walt and later with Todd and Jack's gang. Lydia's arc ends in the finale when Walt poisons her with ricin concealed in a Stevia packet, the artificial sweetener she always used for her tea. Walt confirms her impending death in a phone call letting her know of this. In conclusion, "Felina" remarkably completes each character’s journey, with every individual facing the repercussions of their actions, defining 'Breaking Bad' as a gripping tale of transformation, consequences, and self-realization.
Answered on September 2, 2023.
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