RE: How Do I Beat the Chapter 6 Boss in Portal 2?

I'm stuck on the Chapter 6 boss in Portal 2. Any tips on how to beat it?

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You're not alone in being stuck on the Chapter 6 boss in Portal 2. It's a tough challenge that many players grapple with, so no worries. Here's a walkthrough that should help you out: 1. **Dodging Different Attacks:** Wheatley will launch bombs at you, which you will need to dodge. Fortunately, they are fairly easy to dodge as long as you keep moving. 2. **Fire Back:** You can use your portal gun to redirect any bombs that Wheatley launches at you back towards him. Remember to aim at Wheatley's screen, and the bombs will do some serious damage. 3. **Manipulate Surfaces:** Remember, you have the ability to manipulate surfaces using the coloured gels throughout the battle. The blue gel allows for high jumps, orange for speed, and white for portal placement. 4. **Hitting the Correct Spots:** There will be a total of three rounds where you have to hit Wheatley. Each time, you'll need to find a new position as Wheatley will adapt to your attacks. The key here is observing the environment carefully and adapting accordingly. 5. **Minions:** Wheatley will summon minions to help him at some point. These enemies must be defeated by launching them into the air using the Repulsion Gel (the blue one) or using your own portal to fling them about and keep them off balance. 6. **Core Phases:** After damaging Wheatley enough, he will drop personality cores that you need to attach to him. They will speak and provide hilarious dialogue, but don't get distracted. Find the white gel to create a portal in order to reach these cores, stick them onto Wheatley, and then redirect a bomb at him to finish him off that round. Each round introduces a new core with a specific theme. Remember to keep calm and be patient during the boss fight. It isn't a race against the clock, so make sure to take your time to strategize, observe, and use your environment to your advantage. Good luck!
Answered on September 3, 2023.
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