RE: How Can I Solve the Final Puzzle in Portal 2?

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to complete the final puzzle in Portal 2. Could someone guide me through the process?

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Sure, I'd be happy to help guide you through the final puzzle in Portal 2. It's a brilliant finale to a fantastic game, so let's solve it together. The final boss battle begins once you activate the stalemate button, triggering the confrontation with Wheatley. 1. **Launching Bombs**: Once the battle starts, Wheatley will attempt to attack you with bombs. When he launches them at you, use your portals to redirect the bombs back at him. To do this, place one portal on a wall that Wheatley's bombs will hit and a second portal on a wall in front of Wheatley. This will cause the bombs to hit Wheatley and damage his shields. 2. **Exposing Conversion Gel**: After hitting Wheatley with a few bombs, part of the ceiling will collapse. This will expose a tube of white Conversion Gel. Shoot a portal onto the surface being hit by the gel and another one under Wheatley. This action will cover Wheatley and the floor with the Conversion Gel, which allows the placement of portals on surfaces coated with it. 3. **Attaching the cores**: Wheatley will then get a new shield and start to attack with bombs again. Repeat the first step (i.e., redirect the bombs towards Wheatley using your portals). This will cause a personality core to fall off Wheatley. Once the core is on the ground, pick it up and shoot a portal on the Gel-covered floor near Wheatley, then another one beneath your feet to catapult yourself towards Wheatley. Once you're in the air near Wheatley, press the provided action button to attach the core to Wheatley. 4. **Repeat**: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all three cores. Wheatley will continue launching bombs, the ceiling will collapse further, exposing more Gel, and Wheatley will get covered in more Gel for two more rounds. 5. **Final Phase**: Once all three cores are attached, make your way to the stalemate button on the far side of the room. Wheatley will attempt to stop you, but you can use portals to quickly reach it and press it. Then fire a portal at the moon (a new portal surface) when GLaDOS gives the cue. Please remember the fun of Portal 2 comes from solving the puzzles and witnessing the story unfold. It's probably best to try to figure it out by yourself and only use a guide as a last resort. Now that you're armed with this, you're ready to shape space and solve the final puzzle. Enjoy the conclusion of Portal 2!
Answered on September 3, 2023.
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