RE: How can I install Rstudio on ubuntu?

I can't seem to find it in the package sources

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You can install RStudio on Ubuntu using the terminal. Here's a step by step guide : 1. **First, install R.** Open terminal and type the following commands: ```bash sudo apt update sudo apt install r-base ``` Press `Enter` after each line. This will install R. 2. **Next, install dependencies needed for RStudio.** Enter the following command: ```bash sudo apt install gdebi-core ``` Press `Enter`. This will install the `gdebi` tool, which allows you to install local deb packages resolving and installing its dependencies. 3. **Download the latest RStudio package.** Go to the RStudio download page ( and find the link for Ubuntu systems. You can download it using the `wget` command on terminal. Replace 'download_link' with the actual link. ```bash wget 'download_link' ``` 4. **Install RStudio.** After downloading, navigate to the directory where it was downloaded (usually ~/Downloads) and install. Replace 'file_name' with actual file name. ```bash sudo gdebi 'file_name' ``` 5. Finally, launch it by typing `rstudio` in the terminal or by clicking the RStudio icon in your applications menu. Once all steps are done, you should have RStudio installed and ready to use on your Ubuntu system.
Answered on July 11, 2023.
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