RE: How Can I Disable AutoFill in Google Chrome?

How do I turn off the auto-fill feature in Google Chrome? The suggestions are not always helpful and I'd like to disable this feature.

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Disabling AutoFill in Google Chrome is indeed quite easy and straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it: 1. Launch Google Chrome. 2. Click the Chrome menu button, which is represented by three vertical dots in the upper-right corner. 3. Click on "Settings" from the dropdown menu. 4. Scroll down and click on "Autofill" section. It has three options "Passwords", "Payment methods", and "Addresses and more". 5. Click on each one of them and disable the "AutoFill" feature by toggling the switch to "Off" position. a. Passwords: Here you can switch off "Offer to save passwords" and "Auto sign-in". b. Payment methods: Switch off "Save and fill payment methods". c. Addresses and more: Toggle off "Save and fill addresses". You've now successfully disabled the AutoFill feature in Google Chrome. Remember, by turning off this feature, Chrome will no longer store new information such as passwords, payment details, or forms. Consequently, you'll need to manually input these details each time you need them. In a similar spirit, while this could lead to a reduction in convenience when filling out forms, it's worth noting it does add an extra level of security and privacy, since storing sensitive information in your browser could potentially expose it if your computer were compromised. Finally, if you're particularly concerned about such information being stored, consider using 'Incognito Mode' in Chrome, as this feature ensures that your browsing history and input data are not saved once the browser is closed.
Answered on September 2, 2023.
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