RE: Does a Tesla have a single motor per wheel?

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No, not all Tesla models have a single motor per wheel. Tesla offers both single motor and dual motor options depending on the model and configuration. The single motor configuration typically uses one large motor to power the rear wheels, while the dual motor configuration uses two smaller motors to independently power the front and rear axles for all-wheel drive. However, the new Tesla Roadster and the Cybertruck Tri-Motor have three electric motors. The advanced Plaid powertrain available for Model S and Model X also features a tri-motor setup—one motor front and two at the rear. In summary, the number of motors in a Tesla vehicle depends on the model and chosen configuration. They have options for single motor (RWD), dual-motor (AWD), and tri-motor systems, but there is not a motor for each individual wheel.
Answered on August 6, 2023.
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