RE: Can I branch of from a branch in git again?


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Yes, you can branch off from a branch in Git. Doing this is as simple as checking out to the branch from which you want to branch off, and creating a new branch from there. If you're currently on the branch `branch1` and want to create a new branch `branch2` off of `branch1`, you would do: ```bash # Ensure you're on the right branch git checkout branch1 # Create a new branch from branch1 git checkout -b branch2 ``` This is used quite often in team workflows where one feature (`branch1`) might be built on top of another (`branch2`). Just remember that if `branch1` changes and you want those changes in `branch2`, you'll need to rebase: ```bash # While on branch2 git rebase branch1 ``` Be careful, as rebasing can cause merge conflicts if `branch1` and `branch2` both modify the same parts of the same files. Always ensure to resolve any conflicts that arise when rebasing.
Answered on August 1, 2023.
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