RE: Are there any cheat codes in StarCraft (1998)?

I remember the days when cheat codes were a common practice in games. Is there any cheat code system in StarCraft (1998)?

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Yes, StarCraft (1998) indeed has a set of cheat codes that you can use. To use these, you simply need to hit the "Enter" key while in a game, type the cheat, and impact "Enter" again. Here are some of them: 1. "show me the money" - Provides you with 10,000 minerals and gas. 2. "operation cwal" - Speeds up all construction and research. 3. "power overwhelming" - Makes your units invincible. 4. "black sheep wall" - Reveals the entire map. 5. "there is no cow level" - Instant victory. 6. "whats mine is mine" - 500 additional minerals. 7. "breathe deep" - 500 additional gas. Remember that using these cheat codes prevent you from achieving some achievements, especially if you are playing through a digital distribution platform like Use them wisely and sparingly to not ruin your gaming experience. Enjoy the classic!
Answered on September 12, 2023.
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