What’s the meaning behind the artist name of Eminem?

Like is there any deeper meaning to the words?

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The artist name "Eminem" is a play on the initials of Marshall Mathers, the real name of the rapper. The letters "M" and "M" are pronounced individually in rapid succession, resulting in the phonetic equivalent of "M&M". Over time, this derived into the stage name "Eminem". There isn't a complicated or deeper philosophical meaning behind the nameā€”it's primarily a creative twist on his initials. However, Eminem has sometimes used alter egos or personas in his music, such as the character "Slim Shady", which represents his more villainous side, allowing him to express different aspects of his personality and storytelling within his artistry. The name Eminem itself, though, is more about simplicity and personal identification than a deeper symbolic representation. As Eminem became internationally famous, the name itself has become emblematic of his controversial and often boundary-pushing music, and it evokes a certain image and set of expectations consistent with his brand as an artist. It's worth noting that because "M&M" was already trademarked by the candy company, it was clever to modify the spelling to create a unique stage name.
Answered on June 14, 2024.
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