What are the best YouTube channels to learn dance for beginners?

Can anyone recommend good YouTube channels that offer dance tutorials for complete beginners? Looking for a variety of styles and easy-to-follow instructions.

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Finding the right YouTube channel for learning dance can be a subjective endeavor since it often depends on your preferred style of dance, learning pace, and the teaching style that resonates with you. However, there are several popular YouTube channels catering to beginners across various dance styles that are widely recommended. Here are a few that offer quality content for those just starting out: 1. **MihranTV** - Led by professional dancer and choreographer Mihran Kirakosian, this channel features tutorials on hip-hop moves that are broken down into easy-to-follow steps, making it great for beginners. 2. **DanceTutorialsLIVE** - This channel has a wide range of dance tutorials on contemporary hit songs. It's a good resource for various dance styles, including hip-hop and pop. 3. **1MILLION Dance Studio** - While not all videos on this channel are tutorials, the choreography videos are incredibly inspiring and some do include step-by-step instructions. With a mixture of styles and a high production value, it's a great place to watch and learn. 4. **The Ballet Coach** - Sarah De-Feu, the Ballet Coach, provides excellent tutorials for those interested in classical ballet. With beginner-friendly lessons, the channel can be a good starting point for aspiring ballet dancers. 5. **FitDance Life** - If you're looking to combine dance with fitness, FitDance Life offers energetic dance routines that are broken down to help beginners keep up. 6. **Steezy** - Steezy Studio's YouTube channel brings you step-by-step tutorials for various styles including hip-hop, and they are known for their clear and beginner-friendly approach. 7. **DanceWithMissAuti** - Auti Kamal guides beginners through lyrical, jazz, and ballet moves, providing tips and detailed instructions which are great for those just starting out. 8. **Learn How to Dance** - Bao, the instructor, specializes in breaking down popular TikTok dances and other trendy choreographies, perfect for beginners looking to learn these viral dances. 9. **passion4dancing** - Perfect for those interested in ballroom and Latin dances, this channel provides dance instructions on styles like Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Swing. 10. **Super Simple Dance** - Geared towards the absolute beginner and younger audiences, this channel features very basic movements and concepts to ease you into the world of dance. When learning dance through YouTube, remember that it's important to start with basics and fundamentals before attempting more complex choreographies. Additionally, practicing regularly and being patient with yourself as you learn is key. Enjoy your dance journey!
Answered on June 27, 2024.
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