What are the best free online resources for learning hip hop dance?

Can anyone recommend high-quality online tutorials, classes, or YouTube channels for learning hip hop dance without paying for professional lessons?

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Hip hop dance is a vibrant and constantly evolving art form, and the internet provides a wide variety of resources for those interested in learning this style of dance. Here are some of the best free online resources you can use to learn hip hop dance: 1. YouTube Channels: - **MihranTV**: Mihran Kirakosian is a professional dancer and choreographer who offers a range of dance tutorials, including hip hop. His style is clear and the videos are very accessible for beginners. - **DanceTutorialsLIVE**: This channel features tutorials from various choreographers and covers a wide range of dance styles, with a strong emphasis on hip hop. The tutorials break down movements step by step, making them easy to follow. - **YAK Films**: While not a tutorial channel, YAK Films showcases street dance from around the world, providing inspiration and exposure to various hip hop dance styles. - **Urban Dance Camp**: Though not exclusively free, this channel offers some free dance videos. It's a great resource to see world-renowned choreographers teaching complex routines. - **1MILLION Dance Studio**: This South Korean dance studio posts high-quality videos of choreography sessions. They don't always include tutorials, but they're excellent for inspiration and learning through observation. 2. Online Dance Communities and Websites: - **DancePlug**: Offers some free tutorials alongside their paid content, allowing dancers to learn various hip hop moves and combinations. - **STEEZY**: While most of their content is behind a paywall, they do offer some free classes and have a blog with helpful tips for dancers. It's a professional and high-quality resource with clear instruction from industry professionals. 3. Social Media: - **Instagram** and **TikTok**: Social media platforms are rich resources for short dance videos and tutorials. Dancers and choreographers frequently post "mini-tutorials" and sequences. Look for hashtags like #hiphopdance, #hiphoptutorial, or specific choreographer accounts. - **Reddit**: Subreddits like /r/Dance and /r/HipHopDance can be great places to ask for advice, find resources, and connect with other dancers. 4. Online Courses and Workshops: - **Skillshare**: While the platform offers mostly paid content, you can still find some free introductory hip hop dance classes. Skillshare occasionally provides a limited time offer that allows access to all classes for a specified period. - **Eventbrite** or **Facebook Events**: PLook for free workshops or live classes that may occur periodically. Though not a regular resource, they can provide excellent opportunities to learn from experienced instructors. 5. University Resources: - Some universities offer open courseware that includes dance classes. Check university websites or platforms like Coursera or edX for potential free courses that cover hip hop dance or dance history. While these resources are excellent for learning, remember practice is key. Regularly training and repeating movements is essential to improve in hip hop dance. Additionally, always watch and learn from multiple sources. Each instructor has their own style, and being exposed to a variety of approaches will help you develop a well-rounded skill set. Remember to ensure that you are learning in a safe environment: clear space, wear appropriate footwear, and listen to your body to avoid injury.
Answered on July 6, 2024.
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