What are some famous quotes from “Arrested Development”?

"Arrested Development" is known for its witty dialogue. What are some of the most memorable quotes from the series?

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"Arrested Development" is indeed renowned for its sharp wit, intricate jokes, and memorable one-liners. Here are some of the famous quotes that fans of the series often recall: 1. "There's always money in the banana stand." - George Sr. This line is delivered by the Bluth family's patriarch after his son Michael discovers that the family's frozen banana stand has been burned down. The quote becomes a recurring joke, especially once the true meaning behind it is revealed. 2. "I've made a huge mistake." - Gob Gob Bluth, the self-absorbed and often clueless magician, frequently realizes his errors in judgment with this catchphrase. It encapsulates the character's repeated failures and has become a widely recognized expression of regret in pop culture. 3. "I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it." - Lucille Lucille Bluth delivers this iconic and dismissive line when she's asked a question she finds beneath her. It reflects her character's haughty demeanor and tendency to avoid accountability. 4. "No touching!" - Various Characters This phrase is commonly heard shouted by guards in the prison where George Sr. is often visited by his family. It underscores the control and lack of personal freedom within the setting, and is humorously inserted into various contexts throughout the series. 5. "Steve Holt!" - Steve Holt Steve Holt, a jock at the local high school, frequently shouts his own name as a form of self-affirmation. It's a humorous nod to his simplistic and ego-driven personality. 6. "Her?" - Various Characters This is a running gag line used by the characters when questioning George Michael's interest in his bland girlfriend, Ann Veal. It emphasizes how forgettable and unimpressive Ann appears to the rest of the Bluth family. 7. "I'm a monster!" - Buster This self-pitying exclamation is from Buster Bluth after he loses his hand in a freak accident. Buster is known for his dramatic overreactions and his overly sheltered life, which this quote hilariously encapsulates. 8. "It's an illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money." - Gob This quote showcases Gack on Bluth's professional and personal sensitivity as he corrects his brother on the difference between a magic trick and an illusion, only to realize he's in the presence of children and finishes the line, "...or candy!" 9. "Marry me!" - Maeby Maeby Fünke uses this line as a quick diversion whenever she finds herself in an awkward situation. It's a testament to her character's resourceful and sometimes deceptive nature. 10. "Annyong." - Annyong Said by the Korean adoptee Hel-loh, whose name is mistaken for the Korean greeting he often uses ("Annyong" means "hello" in Korean), this becomes his nickname in the Bluth family. The simplicity of the line belies a deeper joke about the family's ignorance and insensitivity to other cultures. The show's layered humor and often absurd comedy are part of why it is so quotable and beloved by fans. These quotes are just a sampling of the rich dialogue that contributes to "Arrested Development's" long-standing popularity.
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