How to disable Fortnite’s parental controls?

I need to disable the parental controls on my Fortnite account. What are the steps to turn off parental controls in Fortnite?

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To disable parental controls in Fortnite, you would typically need access to the PIN that was created when the parental controls were first enabled. Here’s a step-by-step guide to turn off parental controls: 1. **Launch Fortnite**: Open the game on your preferred platform (PC, console, mobile, etc.). 2. **Access the Main Menu**: Once in the game, go to the main menu which can usually be accessed by pressing the 'Escape' key on PC, the 'Menu' button on Xbox, the 'Options' button on PlayStation, or the corresponding button on other platforms. 3. **Open Settings**: Navigate to the settings cog icon to access your settings. 4. **Select the Parental Controls option**: Within the settings, there should be an option for parental controls. This is typically its own tab or section within the Fortnite settings. 5. **Enter the PIN**: You'll be prompted to enter the PIN that was created when the parental controls were set up. 6. **Disable Parental Controls**: After entering the correct PIN, you should have the option to disable parental controls. Adjust or turn off the settings as needed. 7. **Save Changes**: Make sure to save your changes before exiting out of the settings menu. If you've forgotten the PIN: - On some platforms, like PC, there may be an option to 'Forgot PIN' which you can click to start the recovery process. You would likely need access to the email address associated with the account. - If you're unable to recover or reset the PIN through the provided methods, you’ll need to contact Epic Games Customer Service for further assistance. They will likely require some form of account verification before they can help you disable the parental controls. Always be cautious with parental controls settings, especially if they are not intended for your own restrictions but rather for children or other users. Make sure to communicate with the person or parties responsible for the parental controls to ensure that modifications to the settings are appropriate and agreed upon.
Answered on June 20, 2024.
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