RE: Who are the main characters in “Arrested Development” and their roles?

I'm trying to get a better understanding of the central characters in "Arrested Development." Can someone list the main characters and describe their roles in the show?

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"Arrested Development" is an American television sitcom with a rich ensemble cast, and each character brings a unique brand of humor and dysfunction to the show. Here are the main characters and their primary roles: 1. **Michael Bluth** (played by Jason Bateman) - Michael is the show's central character, serving as the responsible and sensible anchor amongst his eccentric family members. After his father's arrest, he takes over the family real estate business, attempting to restore both the company and family's integrity, often finding himself dealing with the whimsical and irresponsible nature of his relatives. 2. **George Bluth Sr.** (played by Jeffrey Tambor) - The patriarch of the Bluth family, he is the founder of the Bluth Company. At the beginning of the series, he is arrested for fraud and spends some time in jail, setting the stage for many of the show’s ongoing plots. George Sr.'s actions and questionable business ethics are a significant source of the Bluth family's troubles. 3. **Lucille Bluth** (played by Jessica Walter) - Lucille is the manipulative and often self-centered matriarch. She has a particularly codependent, adversarial relationship with her youngest son, Buster, and her sharp wit is a highlight of the series. 4. **GOB Bluth** (pronounced "Jobe," played by Will Arnett) - George Oscar Bluth II, better known as GOB, is Michael’s older brother known for his bombastic personality and failed aspirations as a magician. He often finds himself at odds with Michael due to a sibling rivalry and his inability to succeed in either his personal life or profession. 5. **Buster Bluth** (played by Tony Hale) - The youngest Bluth son, Buster is an awkward, sheltered adult still entangled in a deeply dependent relationship with his mother. His quirks and innocence often put him in humorous situations. 6. **Lindsay Bluth Fünke** (played by Portia de Rossi) - Lindsay is Michael’s twin sister, who often attempts to involve herself in various social causes, although usually for superficial reasons. She is married to Tobias and is the mother of Maeby, but her commitment to both her career and family is frequently in question. 7. **Tobias Fünke** (played by David Cross) - Tobias is Lindsay's husband and Maeby’s father, whose many eccentricities include a failed medical career and an oblivious pursuit of an acting career. Tobias is known for his oblivious use of double entendres and his lack of self-awareness. 8. **Maeby Fünke** (played by Alia Shawkat) - Maeby is the daughter of Lindsay and Tobias. She’s a cunning and precocious teenager who often finds clever ways to rebel against her parents, including secretly working as a film executive. 9. **George-Michael Bluth** (played by Michael Cera) - George-Michael is Michael's son, recognized for his earnest demeanor and awkwardness, particularly around his cousin Maeby, for whom he develops feelings. His relationship with his father is central to his character development. These characters are the heart of the series and the source of its numerous storylines that revolve around their interactions, the family business's legal troubles, and their often-failed personal endeavors. The show’s humor is deeply rooted in its complex character dynamics, memorable catchphrases, and running gags, which all contribute to its status as a cult comedy classic.
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