RE: Where can I find all the hidden chambers in God of War (2018)?

I am trying to locate all the hidden chambers in God of War (2018) for the collectibles. Can someone provide the locations and tips on accessing each chamber?

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In the 2018 game "God of War," there are a total of seven hidden chambers scattered across the realms. Unlocking these chambers requires the Magic Chisel, which you will obtain as part of the game's main story. Here is a detailed guide to finding each hidden chamber: 1. **Wildwoods**: - This chamber isn't initially visible, but it will become accessible as the story progresses. After acquiring the Magic Chisel, return to the Wildwoods, near where Kratos's journey began. You will find the hidden chamber passage behind some sap you can remove with the Blades of Chaos. 2. **The River Pass**: - Once you obtain the Magic Chisel, return to the Witch's house in The River Pass region. The hidden chamber is located across the bridge near the turtle's location. Use the chisel to open the chamber. This is the location where you'll encounter one of the Valkyries later in the game. 3. **Foothills**: - At the Foothills, before you reach the mountain's base, there is a hidden chamber marked by a "face" like rock structure. You'll find this just off the path on your way up towards the mountain, near Sindri's first shop location. 4. **The Mountain**: - Inside The Mountain, after the second tram ride, you will find a hidden chamber on the path that leads back down towards the bottom of the mountain. Look for a hallway with the chisel door on the side. 5. **Thamur’s Corpse**: - Near Thamur’s Corpse, you'll find one hidden chamber not far from the giant's head. It's on the side of the area when you're crossing the bridge from the Mason's channel to the area with the giant’s ring. 6. **Witch's Basement**: - This chamber is technically part of the storyline and isn't hidden like the others, but it is counted among the hidden chambers. You’ll automatically visit this chamber as part of the main quest to retrieve the Magic Chisel. 7. **The Council of Valkyries**: - Located north of the Lake of Nine, this hidden chamber can be found at the Council of Valkyries. It is accessed by heading to the northwest area of the Lake of Nine where there are a series of pillars. The entrance is at ground level and somewhat hidden among the landscape. Tips on accessing hidden chambers: - Be sure you have collected the Magic Chisel from the story quest. The chisel is required to open the magically sealed doors. - When you approach a hidden chamber door, look for a prompt to allow Kratos to interact with the seal. You will then use the chisel and the axe to open the door by aligning the chisel and hitting the weak points correctly. - Most hidden chambers contain Valkyrie bosses, which are some of the toughest enemies in the game. Ensure you are well-prepared before attempting to tackle them; have good armor, plenty of healing items, and be familiar with their attack patterns. - Often, hidden chambers contain other collectibles and items of interest, so they're worth exploring even if you're not ready to fight the Valkyries. - The hidden chambers are also associated with several Trophies/Achievements, like "The Truth" for finding all the hidden chambers and "Chooser of the Slain" for defeating all the Valkyries. By seeking out these chambers, you'll not only gain access to powerful loot but also some intense battles that will challenge your combat skills in God of War. Enjoy exploring, and may your axe strike true!
Answered on June 24, 2024.
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