RE: What is the chronological order of events in “The Sound and the Fury”?

Considering the complex narrative structure of "The Sound and the Fury," what is the correct chronological order of the major events in the story?

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"The Sound and the Fury" by William Faulkner is renowned for its intricate narrative structure, which does not follow a linear timeline. Instead, the novel is divided into four sections, each providing different perspectives and timelines on the lives of the Compson family members. To understand the chronological order of the events, one must piece together the details from the non-linear narrative. Here is a basic chronological outline of significant events in the narrative: 1. **Late 19th Century:** The Compson family are established as members of the Southern aristocracy in Jefferson, Mississippi. 2. **1898 (Approximately):** Quentin Compson III, the eldest son, is born. 3. **1900:** Caddy (Candace) Compson, Quentin's sister, is born. 4. **1902:** Jason Compson IV, the second son, is born. 5. **1905:** Benjamin (Benjy) Compson, the youngest son, who was originally named Maury, is born. He is later diagnosed with a mental disability. 6. **1910:** Mr. Compson changes Benjy's name from Maury to Benjamin. The family's financial decline becomes more apparent. 7. **June 2, 1910:** The section narrated by Benjy takes place on this date, though it jumps back and forth in time through Benjy's memories, chronicling various events from his life since 1898. 8. **1910-1912:** Caddy becomes sexually active, which distresses her brothers, particularly the protective and morally rigid Quentin. 9. **1912:** Jason begins working for Earl in his store. 10. **1913 (Spring):** Caddy becomes pregnant by a man named Dalton Ames. She marries Herbert Head in an attempt to cover up her pregnancy. 11. **September 1913:** Caddy's daughter, Miss Quentin, is born, and her marriage with Herbert Head dissolves after he learns that he was deceived about the pregnancy. 12. **June 2, 1910 & June 2, 1911:** These dates are significant in Quentin's section as he reflects on his life the day before and the day of his suicide, though his narrative is also non-linear, reflecting his life events and his obsession with Caddy's purity and the decline of the South. 13. **1913 (June 2):** Quentin commits suicide while at Harvard. 14. **1928 (April 6):** Jason's section occurs on Good Friday of this year, offering a view into his bitter and cynical life along with his mistreatment of Miss Quentin and pilfering of her money, which Caddy has been sending for her upkeep. 15. **1928 (April 7):** The last section of the novel, narrated by an omniscient narrator, takes place on the day following Jason's section, focusing on Dilsey, the Compson family's black servant, and the Easter Sunday church service she attends. The novel's complex structure, utilizing the stream of consciousness technique and shifting perspectives, means that these events are intertwined in the narrative, with memories and reflections breaking up the timeline. To create a detailed chronological sequence of the Compson family's history would require a meticulous examination of all four sections of the book. What I've provided here is a simplified timeline of the main events for basic reference.
Answered on June 19, 2024.
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