RE: How do you complete the “Visit different name locations” challenge in Fortnite?

I'm struggling to complete the "Visit different name locations" challenge in Fortnite. Can someone provide tips or a guide on how to efficiently visit the required locations?

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To complete the "Visit different named locations" challenge in Fortnite, you'll need to visit various places on the map that have distinct names. These are not the unnamed points of interest but the ones clearly labeled on the map. Here are some strategies to help you complete this challenge effectively: 1. **Plan Your Route:** - Before starting the game, open the map in the lobby and plan a route that hits as many named locations as possible. - Try to choose a path that follows the line of the Battle Bus for ease of reach. 2. **Use Transportation:** - Once in-game, look for vehicles such as cars, trucks, or boats, which can help you move faster between locations. - Keep an eye out for rifts or zip lines, which can also aid in quick travel. 3. **Start on the Outskirts:** - Begin your challenge at the edge of the map where fewer players are likely to land, decreasing your chances of early combat. 4. **Avoid Early Fights:** - Engage in fights only when necessary as these can slow you down or end your game prematurely. - If you're solely focusing on the challenge, evasion may be better than combat. 5. **Utilize the Storm:** - Pay attention to the storm's movement – you may be able to visit locations that are outside the first circle before the storm closes in. 6. **Balloon Drops and Gliders:** - Use Balloon Drops for a one-time redeployment to quickly cover large distances. - Save your redeploy glider for when you must traverse the map quickly from a high elevation. 7. **Stay Alive:** - Remember, you need to either win the game or be eliminated for the progress to count, so make your visits count by staying alive as you move from one place to another. 8. **Be Patient:** - You don’t have to visit all the locations in one match. It's often easier to spread this out over multiple games, especially if the battle bus route is not in your favor. 9. **Keep an Eye on the Circle:** - If locations are spread across the map, it might be best to prioritize those that are about to be consumed by the storm circle. 10. **Skydive Strategically:** - When jumping from the Battle Bus, skydive vertically downwards above your chosen location, and then glide horizontally to reach it faster. 11. **Split Locations Across Matches:** - Sometimes it's more strategic to aim for a few locations per match rather than aiming to hit many at once, especially in a busy or combat-heavy area. Remember, the specific challenges in Fortnite can change with each season and even within different seasons, so the specific requirements or best methods may vary. Fortnitemares or other events can also impact the map and how you might approach the challenge. Always check the current season's challenge details for any changes in requirements or available methods.
Answered on June 20, 2024.
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