RE: How do I defeat the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun in God of War (2018)?

I am struggling with the final Valkyrie boss in God of War (2018). What strategies, armor, and abilities should I use to defeat Sigrun?

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Defeating the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun in God of War (2018) is one of the toughest challenges in the game, requiring patience, skill, and preparation. Here's a comprehensive strategy: **Equipment and Abilities** - **Armor:** Choose armor that boosts your stats significantly and offers perks that align with your combat style. The Ivaldi's armor set from Niflheim is a popular choice because it has good overall stats and it provides health regeneration which can be crucial in this fight. - **Runes:** Use high-damage runic attacks. For the Leviathan Axe, attacks like "Glaive Storm" or "Leviathan's Wake" are recommended, while "Hyperion Grapple" or "Blast of Hephaestus" can be effective for the Blades of Chaos. - **Talisman:** The Talisman of Kvasir, which grants the ability to "Realm Shift" and slow time after a last-second dodge, can be immensely helpful. If you have it upgraded, it can be even more beneficial as it provides additional stat boosts and slots for enchantments. - **Enchantments:** Equip enchantments that increase your resistance to the Valkyrie’s attacks, particularly the one that offers resistance to being staggered by her wing attacks. Also, make sure to maximize your cooldown stat to use runic attacks and summons more frequently. **Combat Tips** - **Pattern Recognition:** Sigrun has a wide array of attacks that cover a lot of ground and can be devastating. Learn her patterns to know when to dodge, block, or parry. Each of her attacks can be countered if you respond correctly. - **Runic Attacks:** Utilize your runic attacks strategically. Don’t use all of them in succession; instead, reserve some for when she's vulnerable to maximize damage output. - **Atreus' Arrows:** Atreus can be helpful in this fight. Use his light arrows to increase stun damage and his shock arrows to momentarily halt Sigrun’s attacks. - **Health Stones:** Keep your eyes peeled for health stones that drop during the battle. Use them wisely, and don't rush for them and risk getting hit. - **Revival Stones:** Have a resurrection stone handy, preferably the one that gives you a larger amount of health upon revival. **Dodging and Parrying** - **Valhalla Attack:** When Sigrun jumps in the air and screams "Valhalla," she's about to perform her unblockable dive attack. Dodge roll to the side twice to avoid this attack. - **Wing Spear Attack:** When she dashes to the side with her wing outstretched, she's signaling a Wing Spear attack. Dodge toward her or to the side based on her height. - **Blockable Attacks:** She has several blockable wing attacks. When in doubt, your default reaction to her initiating an attack should be to block rather than dodge. **Healing** - **Rage Mode:** Use Spartan Rage strategically to heal. You don’t necessarily have to wait until your health is critically low, but don’t activate it too early either. Also, you can use Spartan Rage to avoid being hit by certain attacks if you find yourself without an opportunity to dodge or block. **Patience** Finally, one of the most important strategies is patience. This is a fight that could last a long while, depending on your gear and skill level. Don't rush in for quick kills; wait for your openings and strike with precision. It may take numerous attempts, but like most of the encounters in God of War, it's about learning from each death and approaching the next attempt with a better understanding of the Valkyrie Queen's tactics. So, be persistent, stay calm, and focus on recognizing and responding to Sigrun's attacks, and eventually, you shall prevail.
Answered on June 24, 2024.
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