RE: How can I create a Stranger Things-themed Halloween costume?

What are some ideas and tips for creating a Halloween costume inspired by characters from "Stranger Things"?

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Creating a "Stranger Things"-themed Halloween costume is a fun way to celebrate the show's nostalgic and supernatural vibe. The series, set in the 1980s, offers an array of character styles to choose from, so you can decide whether to don the look of a kid from Hawkins, Indiana, or one of the show's otherworldly entities. Here are some character-inspired costume ideas and tips for crafting them: 1. **Eleven**: Eleven's most iconic look is from Season 1: a pink dress, blue jacket, blond wig (or shaved head), white tube socks, and a box of Eggo waffles as a prop. For added effect, create a small amount of fake blood to trickle from the nose, symbolizing her psychic powers in use. 2. **Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will**: Wear 80s-style clothing, including retro T-shirts, jeans, and corduroy jackets. Dustin's look isn't complete without his signature red, white, and blue trucker hat, while Will typically wears his iconic bowl-cut hair. An important prop for these characters could be a walkie-talkie or a Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook. 3. **Jim Hopper**: Dress in a tan sheriff's uniform with a badge and name tag. You can generally find costume versions or assemble one from thrift store pieces. A faux mustache and a sheriff's hat will complete the look. Carry around a coffee mug for added character authenticity. 4. **Joyce Byers**: Wear a striped or plain T-shirt with an olive green corduroy jacket, light blue jeans, and an 80s-style wig if necessary. The most important part of the costume is a string of Christmas lights as a prop, which Joyce used in the first season to communicate with Will in the Upside-down. 5. **Demogorgon**: This is a more challenging costume to DIY, but you can use a combination of textured fabrics and paints to create the appearance of its peculiar, fleshy skin and iconic petal-like face. For a simpler approach, consider looking for a Demogorgon mask online, then build the body of the costume from there with dark, distressed clothing to mimic its otherwordly look. 6. **Steve Harrington "The Babysitter"**: Steve's look can be recreated with a striped polo, blue jeans, and a character-appropriate wig. His most notable accessory is his nail-studded bat, which you can create by tightly wrapping a foam bat with silver duct tape and gluing on plastic nails. When creating your costume, keep in mind the following tips: - **Study the Character**: Look at pictures or watch episodes to get details of the character's look right. - **Thrift it Out**: Many of these pieces can be found at thrift stores since you're replicating 80s outfits, right down to the "vintage" look. - **Safety with Props**: Ensure that any props you carry, like Joyce's string of lights, adhere to safety standards and won't be mistaken for something dangerous. - **Group Costumes**: Consider rallying friends to dress up as multiple characters from the show, which can make your costumes more recognizable and the experience more fun. No matter which character you choose to portray, the ultimate goal is to have fun and be creative. Relish in the nostalgia and supernatural theme that "Stranger Things" provides, and you're sure to have an unforgettable Halloween costume.
Answered on June 26, 2024.
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